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Urban Protect Recovery Lip Balm 12ml / 0.4 fl.oz Casmara

€15,95 EUR

Perfecting and anti-aging lip treatment with a touch of color

Global Age System – 97% natural

Thinking about the care of one of the most delicate areas of the body, CASMARA launches UrbanProtect Recovery LIP BALM on the market; A multi-function instant lip perfecter with a delicate touch of Rose Gold color , which intensely repairs, adds volume, creates an urban protective shield and prevents the signs of aging, restoring its beauty and youth.

UrbanProtect Recovery LIP Balm is an intensive hydro-nourishing lip treatment based on organic natural active ingredients, with a delicate Rose-Gold tone, which repairs, provides comfort and beautifies lips instantly, providing juiciness and turgor. In addition, its extraordinary anti-pollution formula reinforces the protective barrier of the skin of the lips, creating a shield against the effect of free radicals, pollution (Pollution and chemical agents) and photoaging.

Show off your beautiful, well-kept lips every day.