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Aesthetic Services

Quality and service is the key.

IRALAULTIMA Beauty Center is

Exclusive body protocols

Treatments & Massages.

Reduce measurements, shape, eliminate cellulite, eliminate localized fat and beautify your skin.

Body massages; correct postures, well-being and relaxation.

Show off the face you want so much

What is the condition of your skin? Enhance your natural beauty with specific treatments according to the needs of your face and the seasonality of the year.

Beauty for hands and feet

Much more than a glaze. We take care of the skin, cuticle and nail to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your hands and feet. We use exclusive products.

Cuidado y estilo del cabello

cambia de estilo, renueva tu imagen, detoxifica-revitaliza tu cuero cabelludo y cabello para lucir un pelo bonito y sano, colores brillantes.

Enjoy the experience


Come 15 minutes early to enjoy a drink, that's where your relaxation begins.

It is essential to confirm the appointment 24-48 hours in advance by responding to the confirmation message that we send through WhatsApp or by call. If we do not receive confirmation of the appointment, we will have the right to cancel it.