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Immediate vitality recharge.

Luxury is CASMARA's revitalizing anti-aging collection, which combines vitamins and minerals to offer an immediate vitality recharge comparable to a virtual vitamin mesotherapy.

This remineralizing and multivitamin cosmetic line bases its high-tech formulation on a balanced contribution of vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements for the skin that help restore the most devitalized and dull skin. Its prodigious formula unites vitamins A, C and E with plant peptides to achieve extraordinary absorption, retention and action on the skin.

An authentic multivitamin cocktail that provides the injection of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the skin needs to restore the balance lost over time.

Formula suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin that needs luminosity and an immediate recharge of vitality.

Luxury restores the natural shine of the dermal tissue and provides a radiant, luminous and revitalized face. This collection will become your beauty secret.



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