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Flash Blisters

CASMARA flash ampoules in single-dose format provide instantly radiant skin. Its high concentration of low molecular weight active ingredients aims to provide a deeper action on the skin with an “instant beauty” effect that visibly improves the appearance of the skin after application.

CASMARA offers 4 solutions with ultra-light formulas with an “oil-free” watery texture and rapid absorption that achieve immediate results to achieve instantly cared for, hydrated and sublime skin. They act instantly, erasing signs of fatigue and stress, in addition to hydrating and firming all skin types.

They are an essential accessory for any special occasion or time of day when you need to enhance the beauty of your skin due to its immediate effects of luminous, firm and smooth skin. A sublime combination of active ingredients that achieves visible results immediately while improving the condition of the skin in the long term. For each skin there is a suitable formula capable of adjusting to its most specific needs, find yours!


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