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Technologically advanced Natural Cosmetics.

Age Defense is an extraordinary collection of Natural Cosmetics with advanced technology that offers 360° global anti-aging care to all skin types. Especially ideal for sensitive, atopic or delicate skin that wants to prevent and/or combat the signs of aging and significantly improve the condition of the skin.

Its exclusive and unique formula has been created based on prebiotics, probiotics and technologically advanced natural active ingredients that provide the skin with exclusive and complete anti-aging care while reinforcing the skin's first defense barrier (microbiome), forming a shield. protector against pollution and preventing oxidation.

Age Defense improves the skin's biosensory capacity, protecting it against temperature changes while providing a pleasant sensation of comfort. It stimulates collagen synthesis and improves the cohesion of keratinocytes, thus accelerating the cell renewal process and providing deep hydration and nutrition.

With Age Defense, the result is a protected and healthy face, intensely hydrated and nourished with a silky and soft touch. Smoother, plumper, younger and more radiant skin.



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