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Youth activator.

The CASMARA Research Center has challenged the laws of time by merging into an intelligent cosmetic cream with ultra-rejuvenating action, all the latest medical-scientific advances: neurocosmetics, genomics, epigenetics, chronocosmetics, wellness and regenerative cosmetics.

Infinity is a sublime youth-activating collection that acts directly on gene activity (epigenetics), circadian cycles (chronocosmetics), physical and mental well-being (neurocosmetics) and DNA protection to prevent skin damage that accelerates appearance of signs of aging.

A new and revolutionary concept of intelligent cosmetics with N|G|E technology that reverses the signs of aging in a holistic way with extraordinary results.
Professional and sensory cosmetics with technology of the future that promises sensations and care that transport you to another reality, so that the skin radiates youth and beauty with an intense feeling of well-being.



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