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Facial Care

Through the face we reflect not only the state of age, but also the state of health, the mind/body relationship and therefore the state of the skin, because the skin of the face and neck is thinner and more delicate than that of the rest of the body and need specific care to keep these areas looking healthy and young.
In addition to the effects of age and stress, the skin is exposed throughout the year to multiple external agents that can damage it, such as pollution or extreme changes in temperature. Therefore, it is important to know our skin type and treat it with the specific facial cream appropriate for our age or aesthetic concerns.
CASMARA offers the most advanced research in skin care, with rejuvenating, illuminating, firming, anti-aging facial creams... Unique formulas with ultra-effective active ingredients for the most demanding skin, which guarantee visible results from the first application. Choose the facial cream that best suits your needs among all the collections in the facial care range and take care of your skin with professional cosmetics.
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