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Eye Contour

The eye contour is an area with thinner and more fragile skin that needs exclusive formulas to maintain its good appearance for longer. It is in the eye area where the signs of aging first become visible, such as wrinkles, crow's feet or sagging skin, which is why it is important that the skin in this area is hydrated and cared for.

There is an eye contour for every need: eye contours to effectively eliminate wrinkles and expression lines, and eye contours with bags and dark circles that need to decongest the area, drain fluids and activate circulation in the area.

CASMARA's extraordinary formulas for the care of the eye area offer a shock treatment that increases the firmness and elasticity of the eye contour, filling in wrinkles, while promoting fluid drainage and decongestion, erasing bags and dark circles. As a result, nuanced wrinkles and a younger look without signs of fatigue.

The CASMARA Laboratory presents its eye contours within the collection of accessories, exclusively formulated to give you beauty and well-being in specific areas of the face and provide you with a radiant look.

Contorno de Ojos



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