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Marine biotechnology.

Hydra Lifting is an ultra-hydrating and ultra-firming anti-aging collection comparable to a PRP injection, which brings together the latest advances in scientific research to firm the skin. It is indicated for mature skin that needs deep hydration and an intense firming action, even the most sensitive.

Pure cosmetic innovation that combines marine biotechnology together with all the benefits of sea water (Quinton), preventing the signs of aging, globally improving sagging thanks to its lifting effect and maintaining optimal hydration for 24 hours.

Formulated with 100% natural active ingredients such as SEAWEED EXTRACTS that contain innovative properties for skin care and SEA WATER from Quinton, with a revitalizing and toning action, its extraordinary fusion of anti-aging and rejuvenating marine active ingredients act on the proteins that cause aging. of the skin, detoxifying (cell-detox) and energizing the cells to improve their functioning and achieve visibly younger skin.

In 15 days of beauty care with Hydra Lifting, the skin looks younger: 85% more toned, 90% firmer and 70% more hydrated.

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