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Shine Stop Sebocontrol Gel 10 ml / 0.34 fl.oz Casmara

€16,95 EUR

Treatment for acne. Especially skin with a tendency to the appearance of isolated pimples. Highly recommended for post-acne skin and for men prone to folliculitis (pimples) after shaving.

Fast-acting anti-blemish gel solution with sanitizing properties. It contains an adequate concentration of active ingredients to regulate sebaceous secretion and dry localized pimples and blackheads.

Its active ingredients reinforce the skin's defense mechanisms against bacteria responsible for acne and pimples. With AZELAIC ACID, a new concept of moisturizing active ingredient for oily skin that exerts a truly intelligent sebum-regulating action that only acts in the areas to be treated, preventing hyperkeratinization and the possible formation of plugs in the hair follicles.

Formula that, in addition to treating existing pimples and blackheads, prevents overstimulation that alters the balance of sebum formation in the skin at the same time that its antibacterial active ingredients neutralize acne bacteria, preventing the appearance of blemishes and treating existing ones.

Healthy face free of imperfections.