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ROSE D-TOX 30 ml Casmara

€57,95 EUR


Intensive superconcentrate of 91% natural active ingredients with a light texture that melts into the skin instantly. Provides essential care for all skin types. Especially recommended for dull, stressed and dull skin,

Innovative fusion of anti-aging detoxifying active ingredients that purify and energize cells to make them function at their maximum splendor. The skin gains luminosity, achieves toxin-free skin, strengthens it against free radicals and increases its energy level, which increases its longevity.

ROSE D-TOX based on BOTANICAL CELLS OF WHITE ROSE, BLUE DAISY AND PRECIOUS WAKAME MOLECULES, acts inside and outside the cell, detoxifying it in depth. The cells are freed from toxins and waste elements to ensure that they carry out their vital functions correctly and the skin is revitalized. At the same time, its prodigious formula energizes cells to avoid the harmful action of free radicals and other external agents. An essential detoxifying and energizing action that prolongs cellular life.

An innovative combination of key anti-aging actions that combats the appearance of signs of aging. As a result, a radiant, luminous and full of life face.

Natural formula free of silicones and mineral oils.