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Power Lift 4D 30 ml / 1.01 fl.oz Casmara

€69,95 EUR

Intensive superconcentrate of 91% natural active ingredients with a light texture that melts into the skin instantly. For all skin types, especially indicated to combat sagging, wrinkles (incipient or established) and lack of turgor, as well as to provide extraordinary anti-aging care to the skin.

Powerful anti-aging firming formula that fills, redensifies and redefines facial contours with a visible lifting effect, acting at a cellular level to combat lack of firmness, wrinkles and signs of aging from the inside.

Formulated with prodigious active ingredients that act directly on the components of the extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid), substances responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, in addition to providing global anti-aging care.

Its 4D TECHNOLOGY (hyaluronic acid of 4 molecular weights) acts at different levels of the skin, filling in wrinkles and redefining the facial contour. In addition, it redensifies the skin from the inside, providing 24-hour hydration and reducing water loss in the skin.

With FERMENTED SHIUNKO OIL, global firming, and BIOINTELLIGENT PEPTIDES that reinforce the skin's collagen.

Indicated for faces that want to combat sagging, wrinkles and lack of turgor. Moisturizing, tightening, filling and firming action for extraordinary results:

Firmer and more elastic skin from the first application. Filled wrinkles, redefined lip contour and exceptionally hydrated skin.

Natural formula free of silicones and mineral oils.