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ANTIOXIDANT. BALANCING SERUM 50ml / 1.7 fl.oz Casmara

€41,95 EUR

Antioxidant and balancing serum. Intensive concentrate of “oil free” gel texture active ingredients, free of oils, suitable for all skin types.

Facial serum ideal for young skin due to its antioxidant and preventive action against the first signs of aging, as well as for athletes or people who are subject to a large amount of free radicals. With a high concentration of 95% natural active ingredients, this serum provides an exceptional contribution of antioxidants, capable of delaying or preventing photoaging.

Extraordinary fusion of natural active ingredients, especially GOJI BERRY extract, the Himalayan superfruit; whose origin is from organic farming.

The optimal concentration of Goji fruit extract gives this serum an unmatched antioxidant power, helping to prevent the appearance of expression wrinkles and the first signs of aging, in addition to improving those already visible.

Its formula enriched with BETAINE provides this serum with moisturizing properties that maintain the water balance in the skin while HONEY nourishes it, helps calm it and provides flavonoids and other vitamins that enhance the antioxidant action of this wonderful concentrate of active ingredients.

BALANCING SERUM hydrates the skin, reduces the effects of aging and strengthens it. After use, the skin is protected from external agents, delaying the signs of aging and eliminating those that are beginning to be visible . The result: intensely hydrated, balanced and protected skin.