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Oxygenating Mask Active Oxygen 50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz Casmara

€49,95 EUR

Revolutionary pure oxygen-based facial mask for all skin types. Especially ideal for tired, stressed and dull skin.

Sulfate-free mask with natural active ingredients that gently cleanse the skin deeply while instantly revitalizing and illuminating the face. With pure oxygen and active effervescent foam that cleans, purifies, energizes and provides luminosity to the skin, while stimulating cellular respiration.

With MICROENCAPSULATED OXYGEN that purifies the skin from the deepest layers, returning its energy, luminosity and vitality and natural biotechnological active RIBOSE that energizes the cells, stimulating cellular respiration and revitalizing the skin.

In contact with the skin, the mask transforms into an active oxygenating foam that provides a relaxing micromassage and stimulates microcirculation.

The result is instantly luminous skin. Clean, oxygenated, energized and radiant skin.