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LONGEVITY MASK KIT. 2pcs. Anti-wrinkle, Rejuvenating and Repairing Casmara

€15,95 EUR

MASK KIT anti-wrinkle, rejuvenating and repairing.


Anti-wrinkle beauty plan – repairer based on black pearl and intelligent peptides. It acts on the skin, repairing damage caused by the passage of time and stimulates it, returning the metabolic levels of youthful skin. It combats sagging and loss of density in a global way, improving its appearance, reducing wrinkles and improving tone. The result, younger and smoother skin.

This beauty plan with anti-wrinkle mask contains: 1 Longevity Algae Peel Off Mask + 1 ampoule of Rejuvenating-Repairing Cream (Longevity Recovery Cream).

Ampoule of Rejuvenating-Repairing Cream (Longevity Recovery Cream): formulated with intelligent active ingredients: during the day it acts as a cellular protector and at night as a cellular energizer. High cosmetic technology that stimulates skin stem cells that prolongs cellular longevity.

Anti-wrinkle mask: formulated with black pearl, a natural marine active ingredient rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals that gives the skin an intense rejuvenating effect. Treats the skin in a global way, improving its appearance and unifying tone. It combats sagging and loss of density while protecting it against external aggressions.

The unique and exclusive Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask sets on your skin, promoting the penetration of the active ingredients of the mask and cream. It allows you to cover eyes and lips, acting where others cannot. It allows you to cover eyes and lips, acting where others cannot and lowers your skin temperature by up to 6ºC, providing a draining effect on bags and dark circles.