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ANTIOXIDANT MASK KIT 2 units. Casmara Antioxidant Balancer

€15,95 EUR

Anti-aging mask with antioxidant, balancing and soothing action. Based on seaweed, Goji berries and quinoa seeds. Helps prevent the appearance of signs of aging.

Your anti-aging beauty plan includes: 1 Balancing Algae Peel-Off Mask + 1 Balancing ampoule. A cosmetic combination to pamper your skin to the fullest.

The Balancing Cream Ampoule (antioxidant CREAM) provides the skin with protective and regenerating nutrients. Formulated with Goji Berries, Betaine and Honey, specific active ingredients to protect and fight against external agents and the appearance of signs of aging.

Anti-aging mask formulated with Goji Berries, Quinoa Seeds and Seaweed, a combination of natural active ingredients that provide your skin with care that helps prevent the appearance of signs of aging and unique revitalizing properties.

Antioxidant Mask reinforces the barrier effect on the skin. Protects the face and prevents external agents from damaging it. A complete anti-aging, antioxidant and balancing cure that helps prevent the appearance of signs of aging.

It sets on your skin, promoting the penetration of the active ingredients of the mask and cream. It allows you to cover eyes and lips, acting where others cannot. It lowers your skin temperature by up to 6ºC, providing a draining effect on bags and dark circles.