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BODY SCULPTOR CREAM. Anti-cellulite and reducing 200 ml. / 6.76 fl.oz Casmara

€45,95 EUR

Anti-cellulite, body firming and intensive fat-reducing cream 3 in 1! For all skin types, especially suitable for people who need to reduce volume and improve their silhouette. Ideal treatment even to maintain it. Recommended to treat both large areas and localized areas.

Reduces localized fat, visibly eliminates orange peel skin, prevents its appearance and firms the skin. BODY SCULPTOR is a cosmetic innovation in body care. In its formula it combines reducing, draining and firming active ingredients that act in synergy, enhancing its action.

This anti-cellulite, reducing and firming cream comprehensively treats all the problems that occur in adipose tissue, acting at all levels of the body fat accumulation process while at the same time toning and firming the treated area.

Treats both large and localized areas that need to reduce volume or improve their silhouette. Promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce body volume.

In 15 days, a remodeled silhouette. In 28 days up to -40% orange peel. From 1.5cm to 5cm less in circumference.