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Anti-Stretch Marks 200 ml / 16.9 fl.oz Casmara

€44,95 EUR

Stretch mark repairer for all skin types, especially suitable for pregnant women and skin prone to the appearance of stretch marks. Anti-stretch mark cream with a pleasant texture obtained by the adequate contribution of select oils that work in balance with repairing active ingredients.

It softens stretch marks while preventing their appearance. It contains powerful active ingredients that promote skin cell regeneration and renewal and improve skin elasticity.

With EXTRIL COMPLEX, a powerful regenerating complex that prevents and reduces stretch marks in combination with BETAINE , an intelligent moisturizer that deeply hydrates while renewing the skin. Extraordinary combination of active ingredients that incorporates trace elements and amino acids that are precursors of collagen and promote skin elasticity.

Effective anti-stretch mark formula enriched with AVOCADO and MACADAMIA OIL that nourish the skin in depth while its intelligent active ingredients with cutting-edge technology “long lasting” effect, keep the skin hydrated and protected for 24 hours.

As a result, stretch marks visibly smoothed. Elastic, nourished, hydrated and protected skin against the appearance of stretch marks.