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Suitable for all skin types. Highly recommended for skin that presents symptoms typical of sensitive, atopic, delicate, reactive, altered skin, etc.; who want to combat and/or prevent the signs of aging and significantly improve the condition of the skin. With 100% natural active ingredients.

360° natural anti-aging hydro-nourishing cream with PRO & PREBIOTIC TECHNOLOGY. Unique and exclusive formula that fuses prebiotics, probiotics and technologically advanced natural active ingredients to provide the face with global anti-aging care.

Innovative anti-aging system that combats all the signs associated with aging from the inside and outside: it provides specific active ingredients externally that reinforce the skin's first defense barrier (microbiome) while returning the skin to its levels of youth from the beginning. interior, providing extraordinary global anti-aging care. Improves, slows down and prevents aging, keeping the skin protected, young and healthy.

With POLLU-BLOCK, a detoxifying-anti-pollution active ingredient that creates a protective shield against pollution and 3 types of pollutants: ultraviolet light, atmospheric pollution and chemical agents, promoting their elimination and preventing skin oxidation.

Hydro-nutritive formula that prevents dehydration and malnutrition and cancels the action of external agents that cause aging. Redensifies the face and reduces wrinkles in quantity and depth. Its natural oils and waxes provide nourishing and moisturizing care with a “long lasting” effect, preventing dehydration and malnutrition of the skin.

After use, the skin is protected, strengthened and balanced. Smoother, nourished, hydrated and younger.