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Multibenefit 7 in 1 Natural Balm 50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz Casmara

€22,95 EUR


100% natural multifunction repair balm with a texture enriched with highly nutritious natural active ingredients. For all skin types, suitable for any age and time of year.

Rich combination of oils and butters derived from natural and sustainable crops from the Amazon rainforest. Carefully selected to help regenerate and protect the areas of the skin that need it most.

Multibenefit 7 in 1 helps repair, soothe, nourish, regenerate and hydrate the skin, while protecting it from damage caused by UV rays and balancing the skin's bacterial flora (bacterial regulator).

This multifunction natural balm is especially recommended for irritations, extreme dryness, itching and redness, bumps, sunburn, stings, stinging, chafing, peeling, cracked lips, roughness and calluses of hands, elbows and heels, cuticle regeneration, repair for split hair ends, as well as after aesthetic treatments: dermabrasion, peels, tattoos and micropigmentation, hair removal, etc.

After use, the skin is instantly calmed, repaired and regenerated. Intensely hydrated, nourished and strengthened against damage caused by solar radiation. Soft, elastic and velvety skin.

Its delicious aroma and unique texture will make you fall in love.