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3 in 1 Balancing Cleanser Multifunctional Action 150 ml / 5 fl.oz Casmara

€19,95 EUR


Multifunction balancing facial cleansing gel with a fluid texture that cleanses and balances the skin. Exclusive formula with 3-in-1 action: cleanses, removes makeup and tones the face in 1 single step. Its careful special formula for sensitive skin allows you to remove makeup and/or clean the eye area without drying out or causing redness or tightness on the skin.

Innovative natural cleanser based on goji berry extract and avocado oil that effectively eliminates polluting substances in the skin while respecting the skin microbiota, while reinforcing the skin's natural defense and softening it thanks to the contribution of vitamins and nutritional active ingredients.

Perfect formula that combines cleansing action with moisturizing and vitamin care to act on sensitive skin in an effective way, leaving it clean, beautiful and calm.