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Casmara Lightening Lightening Ampoule 2.5 ml / 0.08 fl.oz

€17,95 EUR


Oil-free flash blisters, oil-free, suitable for all skin types. Especially indicated for dull skin and/or with irregular tone.

Revolutionary anti-aging formula that simultaneously illuminates and evens skin tone. The sublime mixture of wild plants with great whitening and illuminating power and bioavailable VITAMIN C, give the face a light that resurfaces from within. The result is a uniform and brighter tone; hydrated and younger skin.

Formula that reduces, nuances and prevents spots, freckles and uneven pigmentation, helping to unify the tone in addition to hydrating the different layers of the skin and improving water retention capacity.

Quickly absorbed watery texture with instant flash effect. The result is clarified skin, with a uniform tone and more luminous. Hydrated and younger skin.

Available in two formats: 20 units and 5 units.