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Collagen Age Complex Ampoule 2.5 ml / 0.08 fl.oz Casmara

€16,95 EUR

AMPOULES WITH COLLAGEN. Firming anti-aging.

Oil-free flash blisters, oil-free, suitable for all skin types. Especially indicated for all types of mature skin that present wrinkles and/or other signs of aging and who want to prevent their appearance.

Flash blisters enriched with JAPANESE CEDAR and ELASTIN COMPLEX, amino acids that are precursors to the production of collagen and elastin that provide elasticity and firmness, while helping to soften, also preventing their future appearance.

Quickly absorbed watery texture with instant flash effect. The result; firm and toned, young and smooth skin. Silky skin.

Available in two formats: 20 units and 5 units.